Award Nominated Cinematographer Michal Krejci


Michal proved to be a great find especially working under pressure. Top man, a great eye, enthusiastic and a real team player. An ability to read a story, think in sequences and proved to be a highly imaginative lighting cameraman.
Chris Warren, Producer & Director

Just a short note to say a HUGE ‘Thank you’ to you both for your excellent work last week. On behalf of Katy and Kathryn I just want to say how much we enjoyed working with two such consumate professionals.

The footage and the audio are both Grade A+ and the rough cut of the show looks stunnig. That Greenaway piece is awesome!

We work with so many different crews that it is a real pleasure to find two such dedicated experts as yourselves. It was a pleasure! Lets do it again soon.

Mat Callaghan, Producer

Throughout the spring and summer Michal Krejci has worked for me on a major documentary about the Danish hospital system. We have recorded 74 hours, and the film ended up being 2 hours and 8 minutes long.

We used DV cameras, and it was a pleasure to work with Michal because he cares about his pictures as if he were shooting a 35 mm film. He shows an equivalent respectful care of the entire composition.

He uses lighting with great sensitivity, and has an unfailing sense of situation. All this makes the pace of work productive and lends special style to the final product.

There is no reason to keep it as a secret, that if ever I get to make another feature film I will suggest Michal Krejci a repetition of our collaboration.

Henning Carlsen, Director
And thanks too for your work!!! We have finished the montage and everything was perfect with your pictures and the sound. And it was really nice working with you! You helped me a lot.
Martina A. Producer

When I first met Michal back in 1985, he was still fairly new to Denmark, and he was just beginning to learn Danish and English. So we could hardly talk with each other. Yet, we communicated brilliantly, because he happens to be a rather special talent, both personally and professionally.

Film-wise I have always valued his unique contribution to my productions in terms of craftsmanship and artistic input. Michal always leaves an articulate fingerprint. With hardly any implements at all he knows how to make any scene look like a million. With the camera handheld he’s a virtual dolly.

As a colleague, I do enjoy his always loyal efforts to understand and render my intentions on film. In a mild mannered way he exerts a quiet but unerring influence both on the crew and the final result. Michal Krejci commands my deepest respect.

Jacob Fog, Producer & Director

I asked Michal Krejci to work with me during the shooting of a great variety of subjects, that will be included in the 2 series of documentary movies we are producing this year.

Each of the works performed with him in coastal Tuscany is rich of technical and artistic elements, which not only give to the movies a pleasantly professional touch (adjustment of colours and lights to the object, clearness of the images, right framing, etc.), but are also easy to edit, thanks to the clever shooting.

As soon as these series are completed, it is my wish to work again with this excellent Director of Photography, who is rich of ideas and always ready to exchange opinions, and who on the top of it works with high quality equipment.

Claire Soullier, Director
Thanks, Michal! I always expect your shoots to go well – you are very good at pleasing our clients. I appreciate your note. Thanks!
Kate W., Production Manager

I wanted to thank You for the wonderful work. You have done, really excellent footage, also compliments from my video editor. I will always recommend You to my colleagues  as a camerman and also as a human being.

It has been the most quiet and harmonic shooting for a long time for me!

Ulrike Sommer, Producer

The material you shot for the last two films we produced together was simply brilliant. Without any exaggeration I can call it outstanding – and I´m told by the editor to send you compliments from her also.

After producing roughly 250 films for the foreign department of the German TV ARD in the last eight years I must say: to work with you is extremely effective – and besides that great fun.

Any film I will have to do for ARD in Denmark, Czech Republic or Italy in the future I will produce with you, promise! Thanks a lot!”

Dirk Schraeder, Producer

We edited the story today. I was very, very happy with the filming result! The first cameraman Michal Krejci and his audio colleague Tom supplied us with the best filming and material possible.

Everything was great: the pictures as well as the sound. And I am looking forward to work with Michal and Tom again.

Andreas K., Producer

Here comes our final short feedback: we finished working on our film just one hour ago and it became a really good and ’round’ story! We are very happy with the result.

The camera work has been several times admired (by our editor and especially by our editorial staff). Also the sound was very good (sound ‘Mogul’ said: good sound!). Thank you for thinking along our ideas and helping to realize our story …

Whenever we come to Czechia again, we know with whom we want to shoot …

Tine Fleischer & Lydia Heller, Producers

Thanks. We have seen all the rushes and we are very satisfied. Especially the camera movements you have done. It looks as if it was SteadyCam. Also the light on the interview is nice. We are very glad for everything.

Moreover we have talked about the very good working atmosphere there was during the shoot, it was among other things thanks to you. I hope I may call you again.

Frederik Fusager, producer
The footage was great – everyone here was very happy with it. Thanks for everything, and I’m sure we will be in touch again!
Janet Battaglia, Resource Producer

Michal, thank you so much for you and your crew’s excellent work at our assignment last week. I could not have asked for more—you were always professional, punctual, good natured, the list goes on and on.

The video looks and sounds great. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and Leos in the future.

John F., Producer

It was a pleasure to work with you guys – I hope we get sent out again some time.

I’ve already told the Shell video services department that we were very happy with crew supplied and thoroughly recommended you.

John A., Producer

“Author: Michal Krejci”

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