Award Nominated Cinematographer Michal Krejci


Below is a list of movies Michal has filmed in recent years on locations in Prague, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and the UK. The film genres stretch from historical drama to present-day comedy.

Inheritance II

Theatrical Movie (2013)

The sequel to the Czech cult comedy “Inheritance” (Dedictví aneb Kurvahosigutentag). Bohus, a slacker millionaire, goes through an existential period in his life. He experiences new life peripetia accompanied by his late wife’s ghost and his old friends.

The Big Demolition

Television Drama (2012)

In 1914, as the First World War rages on the European battle fields, a Czech sociologist and philosopher Thomas Garrigue Masaryk is leaving Prague with plans to fully disintegrate the Austro-Hungarian Empire and to create a new European democratic state, Czechoslovakia.

While abroad to secure support from European political leaders, he survives an assasination attempt and his family suffers from police persecution in Prague. Despite all the hurdles, Masaryk persists and in 1918 becomes the first president of the new free and democratic Czechoslovakia.

Killing of a Comrade

Television Drama (2012)

Dramatic confrontation between the most powerful communist leaders in Czecholsovakia in 1951 leads to fabricated political processes and executions.

Nominated for the
Outstanding Television Cinematography Award.

A Bullet For Heydrich

Television Drama (2012)

London 1941, the Czechoslovak government in exile is preparing the assassination of the Nazi protector Reinhard Heydrich in Prague and the deportation of Germans from Czechoslovakia after the war.

The Day After Munich

Television Drama (2012)

Dramatic events take place in Czechoslovakia after the Munich agreement in 1938 – one of the most criticized diplomatic agreement in history. Dramatic confrontation between two contradictory personalities, president Edvard Benes and army officer Emanuel Moravec develops.

We Must Come To An Agreement

Television Drama (2013)

It’s the 21st of August 1968. The armies of the Soviet Union, East Germany, Poland, Bulgaria and Hungary are invading Czechoslovakia. A little known drama begins when Alexander Dubcek and several other top Czechoslovak politicians are arrested by Russian special forces and flown to Moscow.

It’s Only a Rock ‘N’ Roll

Television Drama (2013)

Outraged by the harsh sentences meted out to a group of Czech rock musicians, the Plastic People of the Universe, and inspired by the Helsinki Accords, a group of dissidents around Vaclav Havel prepare a protest against the systematic violations of human rights in Czechoslovakia, Charta 77.

The Last Hooray

Television Drama (2014)

Prague, winter 1989; the days of the Velvet revolution. The dramatic events in the streets and behind the scenes negotiations lead to the collapse of the totalitarian communist regime and catapult dissident Vaclav Havel to the presidency of the new democratic Czechoslovakia.


Let Them Go

Television Drama (2014)

After the 1989 Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia nobody could have imagined that before expelling the Russian army and before securing economic reforms, the biggest problem the newly elected politicians would have to face, would be the break up of Czechoslovakia into two separate states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.



Television Comedy (2014)

A new adaptation of Gustav Flaubert’s satire “Bouvard et Pécuchet” set in the Palava region in south Moravia (pilot project).

“Author: Michal Krejci”

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