Award Nominated Cinematographer Michal Krejci


Director of Photography Michal Krejci specializes in documentary film productions including non-fictional and fictional documentary films, observational documentaries, history based documentaries, docudramas and more.

He has travelled all over the world, working in many extreme environments; from subzero temperatures in Greenland to filming in the Sahara Desert. As a creative and dedicated filmmaker, he has a thorough understanding of the art of story telling along with the technical expertise to create stunning results.

Michal has been director of photography on documentary film productions for a number of high-end clients including the National Geographic, BBC, Discovery, CNBC Europe, NHK, Travel Channel and many others, both directly and through independent production companies.


Below is a selection of the documentaries Michal has filmed in recent years:

Film Title Production Company Client
Cannibal Neanderthals Electric Sky National Geographic
Roman Babies Electric Sky National Geographic
Bog Mummy Electric Sky National Geographic
Ice Mummies Electric Sky National Geographic
Bog Bodies Electric Sky National Geographic
The Tollund Man Film Garden Entertainment Travel Channel
Nobel Economists CNBC Europe CNBC Europe
20 Years After George Bush Presidential Library George Bush Presidential Library
Built from Disaster Twofour Broadcast Discovery
Hydrema 910MCV KAOS Entertainment Travel Channel
Jet Fighters of the Future DR DR
Something About the Danish Hospital System Dagmar Film Produktion DR
Something About the Family Doctors Dagmar Film Produktion DR
Free Children Play Best BBC BBC
Arne Jacobsen BBC BBC
Junji Sakata NHK NHK
Trabbacolari Fantasy Studio Fantasy Studio
Sky Tree NHK NHK
Europe – What’s Next Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle
Giants of the Sea Fantasy Studio Fantasy Studio
Jezek & Cizek NHK NHK NHK NHK
David Cerny NHK NHK
History of Agriculture – Denmark RAI RAI
Helsingborg ARTE ARTE
Copenhagen ARTV ARTV
Jan Sikl NHK NHK
Sumava Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle
The Puppets NHK NHK
Fishing at Christmas Fantasy Studio Fantasy Studio
Jan Palach NHK NHK
Dancing Grandmas NHK NHK
Alternative Health DR DR
Dogs Nordisk Film TV DR
Travels in Lucchesia and Versilia Fantasy Studio Fantasy Studio
Barcobestia Fantasy Studio Fantasy Studio
The Bohemian Forest Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle
Woods – Living CO2 pump Marian Svejda Ekofilm
Czech Heaven Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle
Heydrich – The Final Solution – Falcons Czech Television Czech Television
Heydrich – The Final Solution – Countryside Czech Television Czech Television
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