Award Nominated Cinematographer Michal Krejci


Michal Krejci has worked for many high-end clients in the Czech Republic, Europe and overseas …

Below is Michal’s partial client’s list in alphabetical order:

9, 14 Pictures (USA)
Aalund-Green Production (Denmark)
Accenture (USA)
Adaptor (Denmark)
Algebra TV (UK)
ARD (Germany)
ARTE (Germany)
Arthrex (Germany)
Bavaria Film Interactive (Germany)
Bell Helicopter (USA)
BH Consult (Belgium)
Bobcat (Belgium)
Boyd Productions (USA)
Breakthrough Films and Television (Canada)
Carlsberg (Denmark)
CA Technologies (USA)
CBS Paramount (USA)
Ceska Televize (Czech Republic)
Chrysalis Television (UK)
Citibank (USA)
Citizen Dane (Denmark)
CNBC Europe
Compass Light Productions (USA)
Cramer Productions (USA)
Creative Commercials (Denmark)
Creative Technologies (USA)
Crescent Beach Productions (USA)
Dagmar Film Produktion (Denmark)
Danfoss (Denmark)
Deutsche Welle (Germany)
Discovery (USA,Canada)
Doeve Film (Denmark)
Domino Film (Denmark)
Dong Energy (Denmark)
DR (Denmark)
DSB (Denmark)
EBS (Belgium)
EFX Media (USA)
Electric Sky (UK)
EMI London (UK)
Entertainment Industries Council
European Broadcasting Union (Switzerland)
European Global Satellite Agency
Fantasy Studio (Italy)
Feasible Films (UK)
Film & Lyd (Denmark)
Film Garden Entertainment (USA)
Film Solutions (Denmark)
Flip Film Production (Denmark)
Focus TV (Germany)
Freeport Film (Denmark)
Fusion Performance Marketing (USA)
Gigaherz (Germany)
Geopark Czech Heaven (Czech Republic)
George W. Bush Presidential Library (USA)
Grace Creek Media (USA)
Grundfoss (Denmark)
Hansen & Pedersen Film og Fjernsyn (Denmark)
HBLmedia (UK)
High Noon Entertainment (USA)
Honeywell (USA)
Imaginative Media Solutions (USA)
Impact (Denmark)
Ingersoll Rand Benelux (Belgium)
INS (Belgium)
Integrated Talent (USA)
Inventive Productions (USA)
ITV London (UK)
Janus Film (Germany)
Jarowskij (Denmark)
JJ Film (Denmark)
Kanter Health Science Communications (USA)
KAOS Entertainment (USA)
Krüger (Denmark)
Larbrea Films (Belgium)
Lloyds TSB (UK)
London Weekend Television (UK)
McKinsey (USA)
MDR (Germany)
Media Central (USA)

Mediaset (Italy)
Mediehuset (Denmark)
MediMedia (USA)
Mercedes-Benz (Czech Republic)
Merck Serono (Germany)
Metronome Productions (Denmark)
Microsoft (USA)
MMG Corporate Communication (USA)
Mob Scene Creative + Production (USA)
Mortensen Film (Denmark)
MTV Production (Denmark)
National Geographic (USA)
NDR (Germany)
NESA (Denmark)
NHK (Japan)
NHK Cosmo Media (UK)
Nice Media Limited (UK)
Nordisk Film TV (Denmark)
Novartis (USA)
Novo Nordisk (Denmark)
NRK (Norway)
Oeresundskonsortiet (Denmark)
Oracle (USA)
ORF (Austria)
Otis (USA)
Paul David Productions (USA)
Post Danmark (Denmark)
Prima Vista (UK)
Prime Vision
PrismTeam (UK)
PRO7 (Germany)
Producciones Kilimanjaro (Spain)
Produkce Radim Prochazka (Czech Republic)
Promotion Film (Denmark)
Q Center (USA)
RAI (Italy)
RDF Media (UK)
Red Cross (Denmark)
Rockwool (Denmark)
Rotary International (USA)
RT Commercial (Denmark)
RUV (Island)
Shell (UK)
Silverbridge Productions (USA)
Skanska (Denmark)
Skoda Auto (Czech Republic)
Sky TV (UK)
SNG Broadcast Services (UK)
Sonne Film (Denmark)
Space Films (Czech Republic)
Storyville (Denmark)
STV (Scotland)
Sudwestrundfunk (Germany)
SVT (Sweden)
The Garrigan Lyman Group (USA)
The Pampered Chef (USA)
Telecine Multimedia (Canada)
Textron Corporate (USA)
Thomson Reuters (USA)
Tonic Life (UK)
Towers Productions (USA)
Travel Channel (USA)
TV 2 Denmark
TV 3 (Sweden)
TV-Produktion (Denmark)
TV Tokyo (JAPAN)
TVE (Spain)
Twin City Fan Companies (USA)
Twofour Broadcast (UK)
U-Film (Denmark)
Unisys (UK)
Upper Cut (Denmark)
VCSS (Egypt)
Velux (Denmark)
Vision Quest Productions (USA)
Visnews (UK)
Vivienne Steele (UK)
WADE Canada
WDR (Germany)
White Boat (UK)
Wonderful Copenhagen (Denmark)
Worldmark Productions (UK)
Yon’s (Japan)
Yum! Brands (USA)
ZDF (Germany)
Zentiva (Czech Republic)

“Author: Michal Krejci”

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